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Coaching is a great way of keeping involved in the game you love after you have stopped playing or if you are looking to take the next step in your playing career. There are a number of coaching opportunities with Brisbane Water Netball Club.



If you are interested in coaching, please complete a Coaching Application Form.


Coach Accreditation Pathway

Netball Australia's coaching accreditation framework aims to assist coaches to successfully move through the Coach Education Framework. The coaching framework is a six tier progression with each stage being accredited. Below is each step of the coaching pathway process.

To gain Coaching Accreditation:

  1. Choose the appropriate accreditation course you wish to complete. Click here to download the Coach accreditation framework.

  2. Complete online foundation Coach Accreditation Course.

  3. Click here to  enrol.

  4. All courses require you to be a current Netball NSW member and to have successfully completed the preceding accreditation level.


Coaching Courses

For those looking to improve their coaching ability, Netball NSW runs workshops and conferences throughout the year to provide support to all levels of coaching.

Contact Netball NSW for more information, or log into your My Netball account

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