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Winter Competition in 2022 commences

Saturday 26th March 2022


Schedule: Welcome
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NetSetGo players under 10 years, do not need to wear club uniforms. This means our players aged 5 - 9 years can wear the NetSetGo Tshirt that Netball NSW provides at the start of the season with black sports shorts. 

The only exclusion is if your child is in NetSetGo Blue - usually our 10 year olds.  These players will need to wear club uniform as they are being prepared for competition.


The A line dress (pictured on the left) is the only approved BWNC uniform for players. However, boys are allowed to wear black shorts and Brisbane Water Netball training shirt. 



Uniforms will be required to be ordered ASAP, However we will have a unform fitting day at the end of February 2023 

Going forward, we have partnered with a new uniform company, The Uniform Store. Uniforms will be ordered directly through their website. We will let you know as soon as the new ordering system goes live


  • White socks

  • All sports shoes must be laced (no skate shoes)

  • No jewelLery should be worn when playing.

  • Taped wedding rings and med-alert bracelets are allowed.

  • Please remove all earrings and piercings when playing and training.

  • Fingernails are to be short

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If you have any second hand uniforms which you would like to sell or give away, please advertise them on our face book page. 

Use the link below

  • Facebook
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